Title X Education of Homeless Children & Youth

The purpose of these funds is to assist children whose education may be impacted as a result of their living situation.  Students who are residing in a temporary shelter, living in a mobile camper or car, living in substandard housing or living doubled up with another family out of economic necessity are entitled to the services of the Homeless Liaison.  This person is charged with ensuring eligible children have immediate access to school, even if they do not have all the required items; ensuring their schooling is not interrupted, even if they make a move; assisting students to access services to assist them within the school system and the community; and providing items necessary for school success.  Training is provided for parents of children served by this project and the parents are also asked how to improve the project each year. 

Title IX 2018-19 Award Notification - 9-27-18.pdf


Teresa Hamm