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This site offers information on assessments to include a District testing calendar, assessment descriptions; curriculum information to include Federal Projects, Florida Standards, school grade information and educational links to help students prepare for testing.  Our goal is to provide you with current information about our schools and their progress, and information to aide in the success of our students’ educational goals.


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Title IA (Improving the Academic Achievement of Disadvantaged Children & Youth):
This federal project is designed to provide supplemental academic support to students.  The schoolwide project at Lafayette Elementary serves all students in grades K-5 by providing a reading coach, additional reading teachers, and parent involvement activities.

2016-17 Title IA Award Notification - 340-2127B-7CB01.pdf

Title IC (Education of Migratory Children):
Students are eligible for services under this project if their parent(s) have made moves to obtain work in qualifying agricultural jobs.  In the Lafayette District these funds are used to supply a Migrant Advocate who assists eligible students and their families by making frequent contacts between the school and the home; assisting families in accessing services within the school system and within the community which will help the child's academic achievement; and by providing materials and supplies necessary for school success.  Parent meetings are used to give information on parenting skills and to seek parent input on how to serve students better.   

2016-17 Title IC Award Notification 340-2177B-7CF01.pdf

Migrant Advocate:  Teresa Hamm

Title IIA (Teacher & Principal Training & Recruiting):
This federal project is used to provide professional development for teachers.  This year these activities include several trainings in reading; inservice activities in Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for math and science; training on parent involvement; technology inservice; principal training, and Marzano's Art and Science of Teaching. 

2016-17 Title IIA Award Notification - 340-2247B-7CT01.pdf 

Title III (English Language Acquisition):

This federal funding focuses on providing supplemental professional development to teachers of ELLs, and on providing scientifically research-based academic programs to assist ELL academic achievement and English language acquisition.

Title VI (Rural and Low Income School Program):
The Title VI project funds may be used for a variety of purposes to improve instruction in the school district.  The District will provide a LEA wide Director of Teaching and Learning (partially funded by Title VI) who will address the needs of at risk children as well as the total student population.  The Director will assist teachers/principals in analyzing data, providing/coordinating professional development on the Common Core State Standards and providing/coordinating professional development to support quality instruction for students with disabilities and students served by federal programs (Title I, Migrant, Homeless.) The position will ensure research-based instructional strategies are modeled appropriately and necessary staff development is provided to meet the needs of disadvantaged students and the total student population.  This support is designed to help students become more successful in school. 

Title VI Award Notif. 340-1107B-7CR01-recd 11-30-16.pdf

Title X (Education of Homeless Children & Youth):
The purpose of these funds is to assist children whose education may be impacted as a result of their living situation.  Students who are residing in a temporary shelter, living in a mobile camper or car, living in substandard housing or living doubled up with another family out of economic necessity are entitled to the services of the Homeless Liaison.  This person is charged with ensuring eligible children have immediate access to school, even if they do not have all the required items; ensuring their schooling is not interrupted, even if they make a move; assisting students to access services to assist them within the school system and the community; and providing items necessary for school success.  Training is provided for parents of children served by this project and the parents are also asked how to improve the project each year. 

Homeless Facilitator:  Teresa Hamm

2016-17 Title X Award Notification - 340-1277B-7CH01.pdf

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